The restaurant

The Kitchen

You may be asking yourself, what does a ‘gourmet’ restaurant look like? The kitchen at Chalet de l’Hôtel is the result of our encounters, our travels, and our discoveries.


Why a ‘gourmet’ restaurant?

The restaurant at ‘Le Chalet de l’Hôtel’ is the embodiment of a childhood dream. We want to create our establishment, and offer healthy, quality cuisine, all while staying close to the people and the land… The Chef, Jérémy FEGER, likes to say ‘Cuisine of the land’, and directly addresses the gourmet that lies dormant in all of us.


Come on a trip, interpret the classics, dare to taste the flavors of new cooking

Our variety of dishes and menus reflect our different discoveries and encounters, over the course of our travels:

  • In Corsica, the preparation of Mediterranean fish,
  • In Quebec, the cooking and seasoning of red meat,
  • In Rocamadour, foie gras and leg of lamb,
  • In Yvoire, on Lake Geneva, the famous Perch filets.


In vino veritas

In order to properly accompany each of our dishes, we have asked Franck THOMAS, the most renowned Sommelier in all of France and Europe, to build our Wine List.

Hesitating on a certain wine choice? Ask Oriane, she will provide you with sound advice.


The Dining Room

In order to welcome you properly in their gourmet restaurant ‘Le Chalet de l’Hôtel’, Oriane and Jérémy FEGER have carefully thought about every detail.

At ‘Le Chalet de l’Hôtel’ reception, discover an impressive collection of wine corks, all bearing witness to moments of conviviality. They set the tone, and predict fine moments that you will enjoy.


Setting the scene

With stone walls, wood from an old barn, large bay windows and design furniture, the decor offers unique alchemy.

70 guests can dine in the restaurant dining room combining the warmth of a mountain atmosphere and the elegance of contemporary style.

On top of this, there is nature and the edge of the forest that borders. During the summer, the terrace can hold 50 guests who wish to eat lunch or dinner in fresh, open air surrounded by the natural settings. Breathe, you are at Chalet de l’Hôtel !


Reception is an art !

As you arrive, you are immediately greeted by Oriane, dignified host of the house. Hesitant? Have no fear, she will be your guide over the course of your stay. Advice on which wine to choose? Warning, prepare yourself for a perfect pairing!


Window into the kitchen

In the dining room of Chalet de l’Hôtel, you will notice a long, panoramic window, which offers a direct view into the kitchen. To appeal to your appetite, The chef and his team are busy preparing the delicious dishes that will soon be in your plate…Try and crack their secrets!